My Harry Potter Ranking


Since I’ve lived in London, I’m pretty sure that I’ve watched each Harry Potter movie about 15 times. This is because I’m simply obsessed with all of the HP movies, and now I also love ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them‘ ♥︎ The movies truly are magical !


I do know quite a few things about each movie, and I WISH I WAS A WIZARD, but that means that I’ve officially ranked all movies from my favourite to my (still incredible) least favourite! I’m basically going to give you my opinion on each movie, maybe summarise some parts, and discuss films in my point of view. You’ll notice that I will have less to write about the movies at the bottom of the list, but that’s kind of expected… Let’s first see my personal ranking:

  1. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
  2. The Deathly Hallows Part. 2
  3. The Deathly Hallows Part. 1
  4. The Goblet of Fire
  5. The Order of the Phoenix
  6. The Philosophers Stone
  7. The Chamber of Secrets
  8. The Halfblood Prince
  9. The Prisoner of Azkaban

More detail about my choice of ranking :

1. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Even if it isn’t an official part of the ‘Harry Potter Story’, it still takes place in the same universe, just 60 years before Harry Potter was born. My reasons for putting this movie in first place, are the characters and casting, and the special effects + sets.

Firstly, the characters and casting. I need to admit, I do have an obsession with everything Newt Scamander. He’s adorable. The person who casted the actors for this movie, knows what they’re doing. All of the actors look and are just so perfect for each and every character. Even the people who work in the New York bank! My favourite 3 characters are Newt Scamander, (played by Eddie Redmayne) Porpentina Goldstein, (Katherine Waterston) and Percival Graves. (Colin Farrell)

The Special effects had to be good in this film, as the trailer showed everyone that there were going to be tons of magical creatures, spells and a whole city getting destroyed. That doesn’t just happen without special effects.



Lastly, the sets. This movie’s time period is 2 years after the first world war ended, and in New York. Therefore, the ‘building team’ had to make some parts of New York-old school. The rest was obviously green screen, but still, the sets that were built looked amazing. Just like the special effects, the fake buildings looked so realistic and it seemed as if they had gone back in time and filmed the movie there. I actually don’t have any negative comments about this particular movie, which would make sense as it’s positioned at the top of my list (:

2. Deathly Hallows Part Two

I made this my favourite official Harry Potter movie because of the acting and the special effects. I just don’t think the storyline or character relationships where the best in this one.

My opinion is that certain scenes are stretched a bit too much and too many landscape shots are put in. Of course this movie is a little bit sadder and darker, and therefore they shouldn’t need any funny or loud scenes, but I do think that things should move on faster throughout the film.

I do think that certain scenes were filmed and written so well, for example the scene where Harry and Hermione visit Harry’s home town, they go to his parents’ graveyard during Christmas. Scenes like this are filled with so much emotion and in those moments, you really connect with the characters.

When talking about the characters, I found the acting in this movie INCREDIBLE. Anyone remember these two scenes ?:



Notice a pattern here ? No, just me ? Alright then.

Anyways, yes, I loved all of the acting. You can really tell that all of the actors have just learned so much in their 10 years of filming Harry Potter

Apart from the acting, I found that the special effects in this movie where just so fascinating and realistic. I really like the whole ‘dark world’ theme,  and it’s just incredible how these movies can be changed to look SO realistic (obviously not the first few) and how everything has improved throughout the series. My favourite ‘special effects’ scene is when all of the teachers create the ‘protection shield’ all around Hogwarts to protect the school from all of the death eaters and of course, Voldemort. (it didn’t work.) Another scene I loved is when Hogwarts got completely destroyed… No but really, all of it was made using a computer programme and it still looks so real-and sooo saaaddd! And actually, at the BAFTA Awards, the film won for best Special Visual Effects !



3. Deathly Hallows Part One

In this movie, the main centre of attention goes to the quest to find the horcruxes. The most important themes in this movie are definitely bravery, friendship and perseverance. Not only is the quest to find the horcruxes almost impossible -as they have no idea where on earth to look- but it is also very deadly and dangerous.

The movie stands out to me because of the characters’ relationships, especially between Hermione and Ron. They are now developing a more serious romantic relationship, which in someways is lovely, but it is definitely a pain to the whole trip – which is revealed in some scenes.


Just like in the Deathly Hallows Part. 2, I think that the most impressive scenes are the ones related to either finding, or destroying the horcruxes. Especially the scene in which they destroy Salazar Slytherin’s Locket. JK Rowling did a great job at making sure each horcux had something unique about it, as well as the way it can get broken.

Not much more than this can be said, as the majority of the movie they’re on a quest for only the horcruxes, do that is really the only major topic to have a discussion about.

4. The Goblet of Fire

I think that this movie is really fun because of the variety of newly introduced characters and the original competitions that are held.



So when talking about ‘newly introduced characters’, I’m talking about the students from other schools that take part in the TriWizardTournament, and of course Cedric Diggory. I think JK Rowling did an amazing job at creating these different schools, as she had to make 2 completely other school uniforms, histories, characteristics, teachers, attitudes,… My favourite school out of the 3 in this movie was actually Beauxbatons where Fleur Delacour went. I really liked how neat and polite and nice all of its students were, and I MEAN can we talk about their entrance in the Great Hall ?!! (All of their entrance acts were just the best)

The Competitions the candidates take part in are also really fun to watch, as you just feel like you’re watching the Olympics. (a bit better than the Olimpics) I really liked the 2nd task, where they had to save other students who were attached to chains deep in the lake. The special effects made the lake look so amazing, and the lake had never been shown in any other movie before this one-therefore it was quite interesting to see all of the underwater structures and new creatures that were hidden in the depths of the lake.

5. The Order of The Phoenix

I liked this movie because it brought all of the characters we have seen in past movies together. They worked as a team and many scenes in this movie were filled with many of the students.


The beginning of the movie, when Dudley got attacked by the -newly introduced- Dementors, left everyone stunned. It was a very great start to a movie that sort of transitioned the old ‘happy, childish and positive’ HP universe into this dark and dangerous world where all of these new forces were attacking the students of Hogwards. He was then brought to the headquarters of the Order Of The Phoenix by a group of wizards Harry had never met before.

” The Order is a group of wizards, led by Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore, dedicated to fighting evil Lord Voldemort and his followers.”

Their big problem is that the Ministry of Magic doesn’t believe Voldemort has returned. I think that this sort of draws a line between the two leading groups in the wizarding world at that moment. A slightly smaller problem, but still crucial to the plot, is that one of the employees at the Ministry, Dolores Umbridge, has now come to teach at Hogwards.

I do like that you see the students being very independent in this movie, and this links to the whole ‘transitioning phase’. They are turning into individual masters of magic. They basically show this by teaching Defence Against The Dark Arts to themselves, without the careless Dolores Umbridge. (Their new group is called the D.A = Dumbledore’s Army)

I think I’m more summarising this one then actually giving my opinion…

Well nonetheless, I think that this movie is all about ‘change’ in the Wizarding World, and also about preparing themselves for Voldemort’s attack. I do think that one sad part in the movie is of course when Sirius Black gets killed by Bellatrix, and this will definitely cause many troubles in Harry’s life as well-as he was his only family member he had left.

6. The Philosophers Stone

Of course as it’s the first movie in the franchise, you can’t really put it as a last on this list – but because we are now so used to having top quality effects and perfect sets that look incredibly realistic, this movie sadly doesn’t rank higher than this.

I really liked the idea of all the new students getting introduced to living this life as a Hogwards student, and it’s really fun to go through that experience along with them as you first watch the movie. I got introduced to Harry Potter when I was in year 7, which was only a year ago, and I watched the first film during my English class. It was definitely a whole new experience as I was totally new to this whole ‘wizarding world’. The production company and producers did a great job to set the scene for people who had never read the books before- from the moment Harry leaves with Hagrid to the second the trio gets used to their new school, so many different descriptions of the book are brought to life in incredible ways that no one had ever seen in any movie before. That is why I think people loved this story so much, because they got to experience living in this whole new, original  and magical universe with the students of Hogwards.

7. The Chamber Of Secrets

As the second movie, it was a very great addition to the newly introduced Harry Potter universe – but if you have watched all of the movies, the story isn’t the most impressive. The fact that the whole movie is about this ‘Tom Riddle’ or Voldemort, was already sort of touched upon when Hagrid told Harry how he got that scar. Harry got attacked and survived, and now a someone named Voldemort wants to kill him. That’s it. There is no reason to add all of this information about this chamber, and his name ‘Tom Riddle’, as the whole way through the movie franchise, he will always be called Voldemort and no one will be interested in the chamber anymore. (Apart from Ron and Hermione entering it during The Battle of Hogwards.)

I think that the only reason this story is important in the future of the Harry Potter world, is because Harry destroyed one of the Horcruxes, Tom Riddle’s (Voldemort) diary.

8. The Half Blood Prince

I think in this movie, the only important parts are when Harry discovers Voldemort has divided his soul into horcruxes, that Harry falls in Love with Ginny, when Dumbledore dies, and when Harry finds ‘R.A.B”s (Regulus Black) letter to Voldemort inside of the fake locket.

The emotion in this movie was definitely at its peak, which also links to the acting. Especially with all of the shocking moments, like Dumbledore falling to his death, made the movie so much more moving-for the audience more than the fictional characters as the audience has lived with Dumbledore in so many other stories, and he did seem like a ‘father figure’.

9. The Prisoner of Azkaban

In The Prisoner of Azkaban, I liked that Harry’s family history was brought back, with the arrival of Sirius Black. It is quite fun that the movie starts out with us knowing nothing about Harry’s family tree apart from him and his parents that died when he was just a baby.

I definetly think that the events in this movie were important for the overall story, but it just wasn’t produced and layed out to my personal liking. My least favourite character in this movie is Lupin, just because of his characteristics and scenes he played in.

This was my personal Harry Potter Film-Ranking ! I’m wondering what yours is ! Everyone of course has different rankings as everyone takes away different messages and thoughts with every movie. I’ve sort of written all of my thoughts about it and I have to say, I absolutely didn’t expect to write this much 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you in my next one! Bye, Doei and Au Revoir!maxresdefault

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