Emily – A short creative writing piece I wrote

It was my sixth year in Ravenclaw, Hogwards Academy. Everything was exactly the same, positively; the cracky bread brown boats that brought us to the castle – the tall, dull door that led us and the first years into the hallway filled with thousands of students and ghosts. The ghosts of Hogwards Academy each died in the most awful way possible. It is even sad thinking about it.

Hagrid is still here, still helping everyone, still loved. I would always go to visit him after my Quiddich lesson. Today it felt wrong, I wasn’t feeling great in lessons… Something felt as if it was blowing the conscience out of my mind. I clearly wasn’t well so Mrs. McGonagall led me to Hagrid. The pair of us ambled over the towering stone Viaduct to Hagrid’s Hut. It was late in the evening, the wind was still and the sky, the sky was dark like the lake underneath us.

We wandered at a slow pace and for some confusing reason, I felt like crying. All of this even when I could swear it wasn’t a ‘natural illness’. It was very tranquil. All the sudden… “Sarah…Listen to me Sarah…” was whispered somewhere near to my ear. “Who’s there !” I rapidly responded in confusion. Mrs. McGonagall grabbed my arm and began to run. She cried out Hagrid’s name and he then came to grab my other hand. They acted like I was insane, like a was bantering about what I heard; but I could see their knowledge of what was occurring in this castle in their eyes. I heard a voice and I was going to evince it.

The night was dangerous. Not in a physical way. Mentally. All of the Ravenclaw girls of course knew me well – they knew something was wrong. I had to be strong, as I didn’t even know what happened myself.

The next morning, at dawn, I suppose I looked a bit different and nervous but I didn’t want to inform anyone what I had been through last night apart from Kate BloodGood – my friend from Hufflepuf. In shock, she instantly told me about Emily; A girl who also heard a mysterious voice during her last weeks as a student at Hogwards. She died during her 6th year…

Kate kept on mumbling about this legend that every student that gets killed by ‘the whisperer’, takes on the task of killing their own victim.

“She died whilst simply listening to that voice?” I demanded Kate, but she didn’t reply verbally, she just sluggishly nodded and walked away soundlessly. One thing was made clear, I had to return to that bridge – at night.

I wasn’t convinced by her statement because no-one could just have died because of a voice, right ? And after all, I had to find out who had been mumbling by the river; so I went outside in the middle of the night onto the Viaduct to find this one voice. The sky was a black sea and lost all of its stars, and it was silent.

Then – the wind started to blow, the wolves cried out loud, trees began to bow and… “Sarah… Sarah do you hear me Sarah?”. Someone was hushing in the background of the instantly lively scene. I leaned over the scratchy wooden railing to see if it might have been a ghost that had escaped from the castle. That was what I believed.

“Welcome my dear…  I’m Emily.”

What.. No.. No it couldn’t be true ? She is real… A great blow to my back. I fell over, screaming…

She’s got me.

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