My Art Scholarship

This last January I have certainly been busy with many exams for secondary schools, but the most important one was that for my art scholarship. Since I’ve now been through the whole experience I can finally note it all down onto this blog. This post is sort of going to be a mixture of a timeline and also advice, because I have quite a lot to say (: . Now let’s start last year… Continue reading “My Art Scholarship”

Amazing Things I’ve Done

This is going to be sort of like a ‘reverse bucket list’. That’s exactly what you could call it. I’m basically going to be listing all of the amazing things I’ve done in my 13 year life so far, instead of what I still want to do.
These are of course not all of the things I’ve done since I’ll probably forget a vast amount anyways… (I’ll try not to)  Continue reading “Amazing Things I’ve Done”