20 Fenchurch Street

I’m going to be showing pictures/talking about the Sky Garden in London, at 20 Fenchurch Street. As you will see on the pictures, it was a beautiful place and I absolutely loved it. Let’s begin.

Of course, the first thing we had to do was physically go there, but I suppose that is kind of boring to talk about so lets move on. After we walked for a few minutes we came up to this building that I had seen countless times but had never realised that THAT was the sky garden. When walking beside it it looked maaassiivee and the all-glass structure was beautiful. 



Upon entering, we could only see white mirroring walls, a glass front desk, and an overall very luxurious room. At that point I realised that this was only the entrance to what would be even more impressive. As expected – I was correct. We went up 30 floors by lift and walked into this :


Anyone would be impressed by that. At first, we simply took some pictures because we had to wait for a guide to tour us around, as this ‘hall’ type room was only a section of the Sky Garden. The guide arrived and the first place she took us was this little stone floor area where we were surrounded by plants. She told us multiple things about the building, plants around us, etc.


Afterwards we all went to stand by the windows on the stairs and looked out to a part of London that we had all probably visited countless times. We saw the tower of London, tower bridge, the shard, … All those popular buildings. Upstairs the guide again, told us what buildings we could see from that side of the Sky Garden and after that we could do what we liked. The first thing we went to do was get something to eat because it was indeed the morning but we had not eaten anything since we woke up. There was a full buffet of fruit, breakfast pastries, cereals and lots more. I went all out because I was staarvinngg.



When we finished eating Clara and I just went to take A LOT of photos because all the different trees (there were even palm trees), plants and paths made it look very dreamy. Both of us got to have certain pictures taken which doesn’t often happen because I usually take control of the camera and let other people be in them. We mostly stayed in the area behind our table which looked fantastic but we also went on the stairs and took some ‘travel’ style pictures.



The last thing we did before we went home was go on the open air balcony that had been opened a few minutes prior. I went out ONLY because there were thick glass panes on the edges that prevented anything falling of. I’m absolutely terrified of low railing balconies ! When standing there we had a much better view of London, but sadly it wasn’t THE MOST aesthetically pleasing part of the city. One of the things we were able to see very clearly was the Shard. I took so many pictures (:

File_000.jpeg And that was my experience of visiting the Sky Garden. If you are ever in the area I really do recommend going, and a plus is that you’ll be able to look out the windows for other activities for your trip (:

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I’ll see you in my next one ! Gooodbaaahhh !

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