Half Term (:

I would consider this as a post for myself, to look back on, but if you want to read it that’s fine. Enjoy this for the next hour ! See you at the bottom !


So for the next two and a half weeks, it’s half term. Meaning that I have officially survived one (half) term in my senior school. I have to say, it went a bit better than I expected it to go. I remember that I  made some false assumptions (history ayy) about how ‘high school people’ would be. Turns out, if you find the right people that you relate to or ones that like similar things, they’re actually quite normal. How shocking (:

Well, all of those things apply to maybe the second or third week, since the first few days and weeks were straight up AAWWKWAARRDD. A small fact, I was the only girl that was new in the whole of my year. Yeah. Out of all four forms I was the only new female 13+ person human. That meant -> completely stared at at all points during the day. I got used to it after a while though.

Anyways – the first day. I was quite excited actually (before all of it crumbled for the birds to eat) about entering the gates to my new school. But since I had no clue what to do or where to go. I was kind of awkwardly standing in random corners all day so umm. In the morning when I went through the school gates, I noticed and remembered something. Everyone else apart from me had missed friends and actually knew people there and so there was a lot of running and hugging and laughing and me just standing on the grass thinking GET ME OUT. It was very not fun – very unfun. Some people that I now have lessons with came up to me and asked me what year I was in and then just randomly ran back. I was a bit confused after that.

When the first bell went which, by the way, I really had to get used to because they are SO LOUD, I looked for my form room. The room that I’m now used to entering every morning. BUT – no one knew me and I knew no one. So… When I opened the door which I pulled first instead of pushing (great job) all eyes were pointed S T R A I G H T at me.

And no one was even talking anymore like nooooo the silence just had to happen didn’t it.

I’d say for about 20 to 30 seconds I awkwardly stood at the back of the room, looking at my conduct card and drinking water to make it look like I was busy,  (really wasn’t) and then AS IF A MIRACLE HAD HAPPENED – my form tutor walked in and started talking to me. Aaaaaaaahhhh that was weird. I honestly have never had that experience since my last school immediately introduced new pupils to their class and everyone talked immediately. I was also dressed in the wrong kit because I thought we had to dress for PE at home – no we didn’t. Great start.


On that day, I also had French, (people were kinda staring and whispering but hey first day) Classical civilisation which was fun and music. I think its in Music that a teacher actually recognised I was new and ACTUALLY made it seem like I wasn’t some random intruder that happened to be sitting in music.


I did immediacy notice that the school was compleeeetely different from my last school. First of all, my current school is huuuuuuge. In fact I got lost twice today. For the exact same subject. Indigo is a great guide. But during the first 2 days, I had to ask a teacher or older student for each and every one of my classes, as well as when to change kits, where to go for assemblies etc. I think the head of y.9 got quite annoyed because of that (: Secondly, in senior schools they divide their lessons into ‘periods’. So like period 7 would be Physics or something. And then assembly is between period 3 and 4. Sorry but WHAT.

I was just used to ‘oh yeah, on Mondays we have English after maths and then we have break and then we have Geography and then lunch and then PE’ and blaaahh blaaahh.

Lastly, new subjects and all. In Senior schools there are way more sports and languages and co-curricular clubs and activities than in smaller schools. So far, I have joined (or chosen)  :

  • Choir
  • Animal Care
  • CREST awards
  • Rowing + the fitness
  • Art Scholar’s club (well not optional but fun)
  • Philosophy club
  • Extra curricular Dance
  • School Musical
  • Costume Club

I’m actually quite impressed that I’ve been able to manage that many.


And now… Making frienddssss. That thing. Ha. I think that that’s what I was the most nervous about going into this. But quite frankly, it went quite easily for me. I didn’t go up myself to talk to anyone the first few weeks BUT, during my first lunch whilst standing in line, 3 other girls walked up to me. I now know them as the literal nicest people I know, and I hang out with them every single day <3. And that first one is not even exaggerated. I first thought that they were in year 10, dunno why, they spoke quite poshly. I’ve sorted it out now (: The only thing is that they aren’t in my form, but I see them at break, lunch, animal care, choir, rowing, music, etc… So whenever I’m sitting in a boring lesson I just think about that.

Luckily for me that whole process went really quickly, but I know that some have to wait weeks for someone to even say hi. OMG ABOUT THAT. When I was walking around with my friends, sooooo many people came up to me every single day to just say “Hi” or “Hi, you’re Emma right?” and just run away straight afterwards. It was pretty hilarious to look at. We decided to plan to make a booth so that we’d ask 50p every time someone said that and become millionaires. It sadly didn’t go through.

I have made some more friends now, some because of my Art scholarship, so other Art Scholars, some because I sit next to them in Chemistry and they can’t stop talking about food and their Chemistry marriage, (its a story) and some simply because our siblings know each other and that’s how we got to talking. Strawberry Fruitellas am I right (: I’ve simply noticed that people aren’t ‘weirded out’ by a new person anymore – if that makes sense.


Next -> Art Scholarship stuff. I had to talk about it come on. First and foremost… I WAS FREKKIN PUT IN MUSIC INSTEAD OF ART FOR THE FIRST 8 WEEKS. WHYYYYY. Let’s continue. I haven’t done much art but there have been a few events for Scholars which I’ll mention.

There was the school’s open day on the 16th of last month, and all scholars had to go to their departments and do demonstrations. For the art workshop, an artist that worked with glass and sand blowing came in and showed us how to prepare the drawings, apply them to glass, etc. She would then take them to her workshop outside London and sand blow them. We still haven’t gotten them back. It’s quite sad. On that day visitors could also walk around (of course) and 3 families, + my old art teacher visited the school and art department. I was actually quite surprised by the children’s visits. However, I was expecting my art teacher to be there and so – after her and my new teacher having a little conversation about artsy things and moi, I toured her as well and took her to see the DT department as well. I’m going to see them all at Christmas time next (:

There was the scholar’s dinner on the 21st, which is where I got to meet many new people, but also stay around a friend I had already made (Kassi(: ) who was also an Art Scholar. We did all get separated for dinner as we all had assigned tables and such. It was a very long night with 3 courses and lots of speeches.

And yesterday, there was “The Official Opening of The Dacre Building”. I didn’t really understand that because people have been working and going to lessons there since August but okay. I literally had a 12 hour school day yesterday. That’s some fine perseverance right there. Anyways, right after school we all went to the Art department to get a briefing about what we were going to do that evening. Afterwards the teachers took us on another tour of the building, and told us all the equipment’s names, and all the details and such (how would we remember all of them) plus which route to take.

We had a quick dinner which wasn’t particularly nourishing but yeah, and then we were taken to the hall to wait. We were told that we were going to start touring visitors pretty early, but for some reason all those plans got cancelled and we were left to wait another hour. There was also an Artist, Elisa Bonham Carter, that came to open the building and answer some questions. She is the head curator of the Royal Academy schools, so the Art  Department.  By the end of the night I was the only person to not have toured anyone but I’m fine with that. A good time to rest after 11 hours of school.


Let’s also discuss my favourite subject, since this is already a longgg post. My favourite subject right now is Games – since I am doing rowing. I had never done rowing before this term, so I was an absolute newbie. Turns out, I’m not the worst and I get some pretty good positions and feedback in the crew. If you know anything about rowing, you’ll know what I’m talking about. My favourite position to be in in stern, because you get to set the rhythm and don’t have to follow anyone else’s. You also have a pretty nice view, because you sit on the end of the boat. Plus you get to talk to the cox, whilst most people can’t really spin around and have a chat.

In my year, you do quite a lot of rowing ;

  • On Monday, you have it as a Games lesson at the Boathouse
  • On a Tuesday, you’ve got the Fitness and/or technique session in school, where you work with the ergo machines, (would make more sense to spell it U-R-G-O but okay)
  • On a Wednesday you have to run to the train station to get to the Boathouse right after school, you’re tired before you even get there
  • And on Saturday you get there in the morning and finish during the afternoon.


To finish off, let’s tell some stories.

The first one happened in Geography. Basically my form had planned this prank that each time the teacher looked away, we would move the desks backwards. The desks are individual and quite light so it would work really easily. We started this about a quarter into the lesson, starting with my row (the front), and later being joined by the back. HOWEVER, THE TEACHER WAS LITERALLY STARING AT US MOVING THE DESKS, and didn’t notice anything. Like literally how. And do we did it again, and again, and again, until there was literally a ballroom at the front of the classroom and a semi-blind person would be able to see it. But once again, the teacher did not notice a single thing. Until the very end, when our teacher simply said. “oh uh, could you maybe move the desks forwards a little bit, must’ve been moved”… HUH. It was pretty hilarious for another hour after that.

And then we have what happened in Chemistry – the marriage… We basically found some rings on the side of our table and so the two people sitting next to me  wanted a marriage. SO – I was their priest, and I would say the event took the whole lesson. It was very prestigious and all. We maybe should’ve payed attention, buuuuuuuttt I mean being  a priest for a marriage is an absolute once in a lifetime opportunity. I just had to take the chance okay.


That’s Grrrreat Emma. 

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