Films I’ll Never Get Tired Of

First of all, I know this is the second consecutive blogpost about movies, but I changed the title to ‘films’ to show variety (: It’s simply that movies are some of my favourite things right now – and I am so excited for this year’s and 2018’s ones !

By the way – I just saw that the second ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie has been given a naaammeeee ! It is “Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes Of Grindelwald”. I am so thrilled to see this one ! (maybe because Johnny Depp’s character will be a crucial part of this film?… Just maybe) But sadly, it’s only coming out next November – basically a full year… I’m so depressed right now.

Anyways, films I never get tired of huh ? Well, there are just some that I keep finding entertaining, although I’ve watched them to the point where I’ve figured out the exact script. (That actually happened with the “Night At The Museum” trilogy -> I could recite each line and sound effect from start to finish for all three movies !!!) There will be quite a few older ones, because I love films of all eras – but mostly modern. (Looking back at it, pretty much all modern) I’m not going to do a ranking like in my last blogpost, simply because I think it doesn’t really fit this particular post.

Central Intelligence – 2016

Actors That I Love : Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kevin Hart

This was the literal first movie that came to mind when I thought of writing this blogpost. This comedy is definitely one of my favourites, but the real reason why it keeps on being entertaining is because of The Rock and Kevin Hart’s power duo. They are absolutely brilliant together, and in fact – they will be in “Jumanji : Welcome To The Jungle” together in one of the upcoming months. I always find the start of the film quite sad, but as soon as The Rock’s main character embodiment is revealed – every thing kicks off ! The crime element in the film is also quite interesting for me personally as I love things like crime documentaries, court cases, murder cases, etc.

For the people that have seen it already, my favourite scene is the one where the pair is in the office block and fighting off a whole bunch of secret agents with guns and stuff. It sounds fairly serious but I think it’s actually one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie. Mainly because of Kevin’s character’s will to get out of there, and with ‘Bob Stone’ holding him back and using him as some sort of target. (no worries. no one is killed in that particular office block)


Doctor Strange -2016

Actors That I Love : Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Cumberbatch and a tiny bit of Chris Hemsworth action

Fun fact, when my brother and dad went to go watch it, I said I didn’t want to go because I disliked marvel movies and the title sounded boring… BOIIII HAVE TIMES CHANGED. I think that this was officially the first Marvel movie that I ever enjoyed. Thats weird to think about. Anyways, when I first watched it a couple times, I loved the story and all but I was really thrown off by Benedict’s fake American accent. He did it well, dont get me wrong, but I simply didn’t expect it and it therefore because my point of focus for 2 hours. I got over it after a while though. As I said, I absolutely loved the storyline. It included things like modern technology and cities, but also ancient temples and rituals and everything merged together so well.

One of my favourite factors about this film are the special effects. For this film they really went all out, and that makes sense because almost the whole thing was about different multiverses and the bending and shaping of time and reality. A good excuse to spend a few millions I’d say. And actually, one of the only reasons why my mum goes to watch Marvel movies are because she loves the special effects so much.

Also, the sets and costumes are particularly well fitted for the style of movie that this is – how strange that might sound. For example, Dr Strange’s main outfit looks absolutely perfect for what his character is all about, and the plot of the film. I guess I’m not making much sense now (:

Last point for this one -> You know how it had (Chris Hemsworth) Thor in the end credits of the movie. Well, I was completely and utterly confused as to why that was, but the film Thor Ragnarok actually shows Thor going into that building, and Dr Strange makes a cameo in that film. It’s like the films all start to cross over characters now. But yeah, now I get why Thor was suddenly in Dr Strange’s place.


Moana – 2016

Actors That I Love : Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Auli’i Cravalho

It’s the only animated movie on this list, which isn’t too strange because I do prefer real life people stuff movies. (I dont know the exact term) But this is an exception !

I think what sets this movie apart from most other animated movies is its saturation of Polynesian culture. (although I have read that actual natives find that the movie represents them very inaccurately – I did like it though) The whole setting of the story, as well as the clothing, tattoos, interpretations of gods, the tribal scenes, etc. all made it that more enjoyable.

The songs in this movie are probably some of the best songs in Disney history. EVERYBODY KNOWS THEM. Literally. The other day I was sitting in a Musical rehearsal, and during the break we put on Moana songs and everybody knew all the words. I’m not kidding it was the best moment of the entire week. I only found out that The Rock played Maui after I saw the movie, and so I was absolutely stunned at the fact that he can actually sing – really well ! It was weird to me because he had been a wrestler, and action packed movie actor in the past – so to see him sing catchy children’s (<-debatable) songs was very strange.

My favourite scene was one with a song, and it was the one where Moana is being led through her village by her father, and practically shown who she must become. During all of that an amazing song is sung by the whole tribe that’s called “Where You Are”. (I know all the words to that one too.)


Annabelle : Creation – 2017

Actors That I Love : Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson

I think that this is the first horror movie that I fully sat through, on my own, and actually enjoyed watching. I havent seen the first Annabelle or Conjuring movies, but I do know about the real life Annabelle story because I’m addicted to watching paranormal investigations and documentaries. Hehehehe.

One of the reasons why I’ll probably find this movie entertaining forever is because of the perfection that is the acting. Everything seems to be so realistic, and you can really feel as if that situation could happen to you. Well – I guess that thats not the best thing. Sometimes I’m willing to believe that there is a killer in my house, more than that there wouldn’t we one. I do know that a lot of people have those moments though. The special effects are also really well done in the film, and all of the tones and colours of the sets just add to the tense atmosphere of the story.

The young actress that turns out to be possessed by Annabelle is absolutely perfect for the part. I dont know how it is that she is so young, but can portray multiple emotions at a time and make it look so incredibly realistic. I also researched Lulu Wilson, who is ‘Annabelle’ ‘s friend in the film, and apparently she’s quite known in the world of horror movies. She acted in “Ouia : Origin Of Evil”, as well as “Deliver Us From Evil”, and now this one. I can already tell that these girls’ careers are going to be long and successful ones.


By the way, is it me or is the picture above a perfect mirroring on both sides ? You can kind of tell it is by looking at the temple region and the nose. Weird.

Thor : Ragnarok – 2017

Actors That I Love : Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo 

AAAAAHHHH I LOOOOOOOVEEDD THIS MOOOVIIEEEEEEE. I strongly believe that this is one of the 2 or 3 movies where I laughed out loud in the cinema whilst watching it. SO. GOOD. I didn’t even think Marvel movies could be funny at all, having seen films like Iron Man and Dr Strange. I was absolutely – 100% wrong on that one.

I’m going to probably agree with everybody on earth and say that my favourite character of this movie was Korg. Who I had no idea even existed in the Marvel Universe before the screening. He literally turned the whole ‘superhero’ thing into one of the best comedy movies of all time. I watched a behind the scenes video, and apparently that voice is completely done by the actors actual voice, as in no tuning was done to make it sound ‘monstery’. Also, just the script itself is completely written by the Einstein of Einsteins of the movie universe : Eric Pearson. Thank you Eric for this masterpiece. I really want to go and watch it again on the big screen, but I guess I’ll have to wait until it comes out in a different format.

Throughout the whole film I was a bit confused as to the whole ‘Ragnarok’ thing, and I didn’t even get all of the planets and where Thor came from – like all other Marvel fans do. (My brother watched all the Marvel movies, so he is the one with all the understanding on that universe and the major plot. I am the queen of the Harry Potter theories and universe, so I’ll just stick to my profession thank you very much.) But to be honest, the movie was incredibly enjoyable, even for people like me who basically got none of the facts. It was just too funny to go and figure all the rest out.

Talking about the actor Chris Hemsworth for a bit -> COMEDY GOALS. He brings across funny lines and the comedy of his character so amazingly ! I thought I recognised him from somewhere, and I completely passed the fact that he starred in the recent Ghost Busters movie – as the receptionist guy that turns evil. And guess what, critics and the general praised him for his comedy and hilarious improvisation skills in that movie too !

A few of my favourite lines from this film are (you’ll find them funny if you’ve watched it already) =

  • I have been falling… FOR 30 MINUTES ! ~ Loki
  • “She’s too powerful… I have no hammer.” – “What are you, Thor, god of hammers?” ~ Odin
  • “How did you end up here?” – “Well, I tried to start a revolution, but didn’t print enough pamphlets so hardly anyone turned up. Except for my mum and her boyfriend, who I hate. As punishment, I was forced to be in here and become a gladiator. Bit of a promotional disaster that one, but I’ m actually organizing another revolution. I don’t know if you’d be interested in something like that? Do you reckon you’d be interested?” ~ Korg       – AAAAAHH LOOVVEE
  • “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Korg. I’m kind of like the leader in here. I’m made of rocks, as you can see, but don’t let that intimidate you. You don’t need to be afraid, unless you’re made of scissors! Just a little Rock, Paper, Scissors joke for you.” ~ Korg
  • *the Hulk appears in the arena* [horrorstruck] “I have to get off this planet!” ~ Loki
  • *the Hulk bursts through the stadium door*  

    YES!” ~ Thor [everyone in the stadium looks confused]

    “Hey, hey! We know each other! He’s a friend from work! Where have you been? Everybody thought you were dead! So much has happened since I last saw you. I lost my hammer like, yesterday so that’s still pretty fresh. Loki, he’s alive! Can you believe it? He’s up there. Hey Loki! Look who it is!” ~ Thor

  • [at Loki] “Piss off, ghost!” ~ Korg


Night At The Museum Trilogy – 2006, 09, 14

Actors That I Love : Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Dan Stevens, Ricky Gervais, Hugh Jackman

I have to say, I havent watched these films since 2015, because ~honestly~ I was way too addicted. Not kidding, a few weeks before I cut them off, I used to watch them… ABOUT 10 TIMES A DAY… FOR DAYS AND WEEKS ON END… I WISH I WAS KIDDING. How did I not get bored after watching the films over 300+ times you might ask ? The answer is that I dont know and I am surprised too. But yeah this is the movie trilogy where I know every single word and sound effect from, in order, of all 3 films. I know.

The single good thing about my passed addiction, was that these movies led to me talking fluent English today. By watching these films over 300 times, I learnt to speak English. That might also explain why I’ve got an American accent when I’m going to a British school in London, and learnt most of my grammar and stuff in London. OH WELL I like my accent so hey.

Since I havent watched these in almost 3 years, (I do know I would still enjoy them, but I’m not going to take the risk of getting addicted once more) I dont exactly remember what was most appealing about these movies, but right now as I’m remembering them, I do know that I did and still love the diversity of the characters. I suppose that that would make sense as they all come from a history museum that covers the entirety of American history. But yes, I love how there are so many different time periods, cultures and themes present and how (just like with Dr Strange’s themes) they all effortlessly blend together.

The character that I loved most (and still acts in many movies in 2016-7) is Jedediah, played by Owen Wilson. I’m not sure why I prefer his character over all the other ones, but its partly because of his incredibly fitting accent, and the way he added a crap ton of comedy to the movie.

My favourite of the 3 is “Night at the Museum : Secret Of The Tomb” (3rd one). A few reasons for this are that :

  1. It is mostly set in London, and therefore there are many locations (like the British Museum) where I can recognise and pinpoint the locations where the characters went.
  2. It gave me my first experience with the actors Hugh Jackman, Dan Stevens and Rebel Wilson – who I’m now all obsessed with.
  3. There are certain artefacts in the British Museum that were made to come alive in the movie, such as the ‘Garuda’. I went to the museum myself in late 2015 and I was SOOOOO EXCITED that the artefact was actually there in real life. And because I loved the movies, it was the only thing I took pictures of that whole day.
  4. It introduces even more history and cultures because the characters from 2 museums join together. A few are the Egyptians that have a family reunion, (Lord) Lancelot and another big dinosaur skeleton (:


Lastly, I wanted to include some of the films that I know I’ll love too, that are coming up in the next year : 

  • Star Wars – Episode VIII : The Last Jedi
  • The Man Who Invented Christmas 
  • Jumanji : Welcome To The Jungle
  • Justice League 
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Daddy’s Home 2
  • Avengers : Infinity War
  • Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom
  • Fantastic Beasts 2 : The Crimes Of Grindelwald 
NEW CHARACTERS : From the left, Young Albus Dumbledore, Credence (omg he’s still alive), what I imagine to be his girlfriend, the girlfriend of Theseus Scamander, Theseus Scamander, Tina, Newt, Jacob, Queenie, Grindelwald


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