How To : Themed Instagram


But, I have gotten some comments and messages that people like the style and colour of my Instagram, so when I didn’t have anything to write about because SCHOOL -> I thought I should write about that (:

Oh yes -> my Instagram :

Instagram themes have always been something that I’ve really liked (found fun) to look at, because you can see that people put effort into the photography, editing, and assembling process. Obviously having an Instagram and having fun with it is the main purpose, but I just like putting some more work into it – personally. I currently have some sort of ‘autumnal’ or ‘warm toned’ feed, because there are just way too many good colours around to not take pictures of them.

Recently I went to the mountainous area of Belgium, and you can ONLY IMAGINE how many pictures I took at that point (:  Anyways, let’s get to some tips to help anyone wanting a simple Instagram ‘feed’. (I really don’t like the word feed, don’t know why)

1) Take pictures of things/locations/etc containing similar or the same colours.

For me, those are brown, orange, green and white. But yes, when you are planning on having a theme, try to take pictures that actually look good together. Otherwise I don’t think there’s a chance they’ll ever look cohesive.

I’ve shown a part of my Instagram underneath, and as you can see, there are flowers, selfies, pictures in London and pictures in Belgium and some portrait photography. And still – I really like how they look together.  Thats why I kind of disagree with the whole ‘known fact’ that you should take pictures with similar content. NONONONONO. I love pictures way too much that I would want to ONLY take pictures of nature of whatever. Do whatever you want ! Thats what I do at least.

If you do want to match colours, do think about a sensible amount of matches. Because, if you have 10 colours that ‘match’, you basically don’t have a theme anymore. That’s why I have about four, with small amounts of random colours like blue here and there.


2) If you find a great location… TAKE SOOOO MANY PICTURES.

As I’ve already said, I went to Belgium recently, and I took way way way too many pictures. I think that if you find it a bit hard to find pictures that would fit your theme, you should definitely use beautiful locations to stock up on your picture collection. I used La Roche En Ardennes and also Richmond Park last weekend.

By the way, it helps if you have someone to take pictures of you, instead of trying to balance your phone or camera on a tripod and awkwardly waiting for the countdown to finish. My sister has really been getting better at taking pictures, and so the two top pictures that I’m in below – she took. We also like to go places together, so I’m really happy that we can help each other out for each other’s Instagram.

I also feel that, if you have many pictures of the same place, they’ll be a lot more likely to match in colour and ‘theme’, making it a lot easier to maintain an Instagram feed. For example, most of the ones below have brown and green tones in them because they are in natural areas, or literally involve wood.


3) Put some effort into editing, it’ll clean it up.

I have a problem.. Since I edit basically every single picture I ever take, I don’t really have any ‘before pictures’ to use as an example. SO -> I found this picture I remember randomly taking in a Parsons Green Park. Stop judging. Right, I always use the A6 filter on VSCO because you can do quite a lot with it. You could also just copy and paste your editing settings to make it a lot quicker.

I personally don’t edit my pictures heavily, (I don’t really need to, because the colours are already cohesive) but I do like to correct the exposure, contrast and sharpness of some photos.

This picture isn’t really the best example because the colours looked a bit faded at the start, so the editing wasn’t the best ever.


4) Use a planning app to make sure the pictures look good together.

I LOVE PLANNING APPS. They make you feel so incredibly organised and like you’ve got your whole Instagram life together. I use an app called UNUM, but I know that there’s also one called ‘Planoly‘ and others.

On UNUM, what I use, you can :

  • Rearrange pictures for future posts
  • See how your page would look without certain pictures (you can ‘hide them’)
  • Plan captions to match the pictures
  • Split up a picture into smaller parts, to make those cool huge Instagram pictures (called Tiling)
  • Edit pictures, instead of downloading editing apps
  • Posting the pictures straight from UNUM to Instagram
  • Probably other things I’m not aware of (:

Personally, when rearranging my pictures, I like to avoid putting the exact same colours (like black or green) right next to each other. I would rather have them posted diagonally positioned to each other, to balance out my Instagram.

Here is a video that kind of shows what UNUM is like :

6) Extremess is the goal 😂 adjust some of your bio (I’m such a try hard whaaaaoooww)


I just think that if you have a bio full of PINK FLUFFY UNICORN AND HEART EMOJIS AND PURPLE DEVIL EMOJIS, and you’re trying to have a autumnal or any themed Instagram…. It might not have the same result. Just maybe. So what I have done since even before I tried to have a theme, was make my personal bio extremely simple.

I’ve just got my general location, (no one will find me in london heheh) a Christmas quote that my friends and I say too much, this blog’s link, and emojis that match some of the colours in my pictures. Including the Belgian flag and a CHRISTMAS TREEEEEE.

And yes… My profile picture is a duck dressed up as Scrooge.

7) Have fun with it hihihihi (:    (that is… so cheesy)

Instagram themes are something that you can have soooo much fun with, and I know that I have had many fun times with different feeds in the past, so it really is up to you and your personality that will judge what feed you have. My favourite colours are literally the ones on my Instagram, and if you’ve seen my Room Tour Post – you’ll already know that.

->> Also, don’t feel like you need to only take pictures of things that match your feed, you can still have the pictures on other social media platforms (:

Here is a video that shows a whole lot of different ones that you might want for some inspiration :

Bye xxx

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