Rounding Up November

I haven’t done this before, but I really wanted to write down some of the things I did this month, because I’ve actually done QUITE a few things in November that I would just find sad not to note down. Anyway, this is sort of like my ”Half Term” post that I did – where I said that this type of post is more for me to look back on, than anyone else. BUT that one got a whole lot of good responses, so I imagine they’re quite nice to read. So – enjoy reading this for the next hour pt. 2These will all be very short stories or thoughts. (apart from some where I really go all out) I put them in small categories just so that they’re not completely random. But first, I just wanted to talk about having adapted to my school. I think that now, I’m really settled and comfortable with all the lessons and people around me – so I’m not anxious or scared to go up and talk to anyone, including teachers. (Which I was not too long ago) I’ve established many more friendships, most of them being exceptionally strange, (I communicate better with funny or weird people😂 It’s always been that way) which I’m extremely happy about. Oh and an update : The staring from other years than year9 has gone down slightly, buuuuttt I still have to kind of SCOOT BY sometimes to avoid any awkward ‘huh where did you come from?’ staring. It’s bad.


MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES. One of my favourite things to look forward to and think about at any point in time. This month has been completely pacckkkeddddd with films.  Firstly, as I’ve written about already, I literally watched each Johnny Depp movie that wasn’t completely boring in the plot – and went to watch Murder On The Orient Express as well. Thor Ragnarok was also released recently and OBVIOUSLY my family had to go watch it. Without exaggerating, I think that that film fits into my top 3 funniest movies ever watched. It was soooo goooood. My favourite character wasn’t actually Thor, (although woaw Chris Hemsworth is perfect) but that stone dude called Korg. Little story, the day I’m writing this I had this art event thing where an old pupil came to talk about there job. This journalist and filmmaker person came to talk about – well – journalism and filmmaking, (he was great) AND LITERALLY, right when he started talking HIS VOICE SOUNDED SO MUCH LIKE KORG’s ! I honestly thought that he was the voice behind the character, but I finally came to the conclusion that the voice in Thor Ragnarok sounds a bit more stupid. So.

One of the other perfect days I had this month was when the new title and character photo for “Fantastic Beasts 2 : The Crimes of Grindelwald” was released. I immediately went on and told E V E R Y B O D Y because I was just too excited. Of course I already started analysing all the characters a year before the films’ initial release (Nov 2018), and that included watching a few videos about them. (below) As I think all my blog’s readers have established, Grindelwald will obviously be my favourite character but I’m also really excited about Newt and Tina’s relationship. (as we know they eventually get married at the end of the 5 films)

Talking about Harry Potter, my family went to watch Paddington 2 as well. I was constantly being surprised throughout the film, because apparently it was some sort of reunion for all the Harry Potter actors. (btw I didn’t watch Paddington 1, so I don’t know if any of these characters were in that one or not) Firstly, Mrs Weasley was in the movie, and I think that she was the Brown’s grandmother. Not completely sure. Then, you had Professor Horace Slughorn. He was the owner of the corner’s antique shop that house the famous pop-up book. AND LASTLY, Alastor Moody played a newly introduced prison chef in Paddington 2. At first I thought the actor played Hagrid, but then he didn’t seem tall enough for the role of Hagrid so I switched my thoughts to Moody.

I always have this problem though, like if I’m watching a completely new movie that I’ve never seen the trailer or read anything about, I sometimes recognise people and I’ll spend the whole 2 hours directing all my thoughts towards finding the movie I know them from. For example, I went to watch ‘A Monster Calls‘, (absolutely amazing) and the main character’s grandmother was an actress I recognised. I literally tortured my mind into finding any clue of where I know her from, but I just couldn’t do it. At home, I then discovered I saw her – Sigourney Weaver – in ‘Holes‘ Kissing Kate Barlow a year prior. (and of course the Felicity Jones was from Star Wars)

Row Row Row The Boat Spastically Down The Stream

Ok, so since I despise swimming, I’m not going to talk about PE this term – although I will mention how fun it was to do synchronised swimming routines to “Jingle Bells”. Just saying. Anyways, I don’t like PE overall – SO lets talk about Games instead.

I do rowing for games, and one event that happened this November was our ‘friendly race’ against another school in our area. (Time trial race) Now, we were in a great mind space when coming in to this friendly competition, because our coach had literally said.. And I quote :

“We don’t want xxx to beat us ok… At least not by much… Their crews are really good”

UHUM OKAY THEN. So yeah everybody that did rowing established a week in advance that we weren’t going to win, and that we were just going to do the race as our first competitive experience for rowing. The good thing is – that we were prepared to get the results and not break down. But, that doesn’t mean that we just gave up and didn’t work hard on the actual day. We did. We arrived at our boathouse around 12.30pm, and after we debated with the guys wether they were also racing or not, (they did HA) we prepared all of our crews and went onto the river. We first had to row all the way up to Hammersmith bridge, which we had only rowed to ONCE BEFORE YEP YEP, and there we sort of swooped by the opposing guy crews and saw how much better they were at rowing than us. Again – we were already mentally prepared so don’t worry.

Anyways, we had to wait there with all of the 10-12 crews of both schools, sort of mushed together next to the river bank – waiting for the time trials to start. It was sooooo extremely cold, my hands were literally numb before we could even start. Right before the race our coach made us do some stretches that literally almost capsized our OCTO, which would have looked absolutely amazing to the other school. Our Octo crew was second to go from all the boats, and our main motivation for the race was to imagine a shark was chasing us and that we would have to escape from it. It kinda worked. We didn’t die. When we got back to our boathouse, we were obviously exhausted, but some of us did agree that it was a pretty short race and that we miiigghhttt have worked a little  harder. OH WELL next time.

A small comment that I also wanted to note down was that, this Monday, I HAD THE WORST SEAT IN ANY OF THE BOATS OUR BOATHOUSE HAD. My quad’s boat’s name was ‘Kenton’, and it’s commonly known within our boathouse (at least amongst the students) as the worst boat there is. And of course my crew got put in that one. So a few things about my position that day :

  • My seat was literally chipping
  • It was also constantly rolling off the back of the rails
  • Oh yes and it was crookedly placed
  • My blades weren’t matching the crew’s, because there weren’t enough ‘W’ blades
  • The blades therefore didn’t fit the riggers, and I wasn’t able to sit in the backstop position without pushing my seat of the rails
  • My shoes (as well as other people’s) were completely ripped and my feet just slipped out of them within 10 seconds

I had a great time.


I did quite a lot of things with the amazing Indigo this month, the first thing being Duke Of Edinburgh volunteering. Since I’ve never done any DoE things, I thought it would be nice to work with someone who knew at least something about the whole tradition. Here comes Indigooo. Basically, what we are doing, is caring & socialising with the elderly, whilst also interviewing them about their experiences during the war. Then, her mum had the brilliant idea to document all of their experience on a ‘Wandsworth War Stories’ website, where each person will have their own stories written. I was immediately drawn to this idea, because I personally LOVE learning about the World Wars, and now I can hear people’s personal stories ? Ahhhh I love it. Anyways, what we did first was come up with many questions that we might like to ask during the interview, whilst getting help from a BBC journalist person that Indigo’s parents know. I thought that that was awesome to start our volunteering.

Secondly, we made some sushi. And umm, it kind of failed. Yeah. Basically, the whole thing is that we got the wrong rice, and therefore we had to start the whole process all over again 3 times. So. They had ‘Japanese rice’, which we thought was suitable to make sushi, but apparently ‘sushi rice’ is something COMPLETELY different, and had to be cooked in a completely different way. Wait no sushi rice doesn’t even have to be cooked I think. Or maybe it does I don’t know. Well yes the rice was very mushy in the end.

AND LASTLY – WINTER WONDERLAND. One comment -> freeezziiiinnngggggg. It was really fun, but I do have Q U I T E a lot of things to say. I’ll put them in bullet point form because I’ll get confused otherwise.

  • It took us 45 minutes to get to Hyde Park by bus, and when we were there, we had to wait for two other families to arrive, since we were doing a type of unplanned group thing. Now, you know what was annoying… We waited for 40 MINUTES,  gave them directions to get to us, we said “We’re at the large arch that enters the park” and whatever, and they replied “Yes, we’re here but we can’t see you”. We waited some more, gave them some more directions and TURNS OUT… THEY WERE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ARCH’S WALL – RIGHT BEHIND US. AAAAAAHHH. That got us so annoyed because we could have saved so much time.
  • The line to get inside was obviously extremely long, I mean I tried to take a picture above my head to see how long it was, and I didn’t even see the end of the line on the picture.
  • We first went to eat something, since we had waited to enter the park for about an hour, and so Indigo and I got some HUMONGOUS pretzels. With cheese, onion and bacon. There were nice though, and whilst we were eating them there was this band playing music and singing in the background. At first we thought it was karaoke, because it wasn’t actually that good, but then when we saw it was this professional band we were like “okayyyyyy good; good job guys alright lets go”.
  • There was this very creepy blow up statue of a man right next to the food court place, and he was actually so creepy. Apparently the thing’s name is “The Big Man” – and because it was all electronic, it moved soooo creepily, including it’s eyes, and broken hand. That’s what nightmares are made of.


  • Afterwards we did go on some attractions, including my family’s favourites : Ice Mountain and Wilde Maus XXL. On the Maus one, we always love to go on it because whilst your waiting, the floor is like a type of parkour course; so it’s almost like it’s two attractions in one. However, all the waiting and stuff literally froze all of our limbs, so we couldn’t feel our hands and feet half the time.
  • Right before we went home, we got some more food. This time churros and hot chocolaaaatteee. The churros was really nice, (although we did have to pat pat pat a lot of the sugar off of our clothes) and so was the drink BUT I did burn my throat when first drinking it so I guess that that’s a bit sad.

I really liked that day though, as we had rowing first, then we went to my house and got ourselves ready, then we went to Winter Wonderland and THEN we had a sleepover. It was such a busy day.

Maths & Other Schooly Thingies

I first want to address one of my first real embarrassing moments in this school. Actually no, I’ve had quite a few, (all to do with my phone actually) but this one was particularly bad. Anyways, this Monday I was sitting in Maths, and I had completed all the algebra exercises we were assigned; SO as I always do, I started drawing. I drew this really simple sphere thingie with a lamp shining over it – nothing special – but with every drawing I do in school, I have to take a picture of it. So that was my mission – to take a picture of my sphere drawing. (uh stupid) Right, so I waited until it was at least almost time to go, and then I went ahead – took my phone – switched the volume off, and took a very quick picture. AND WHAT HAPPENED ?? It made the absolute loudest iPhone camera noise you could possibly imagine. Because apparently there are 2 volumes you have to turn off…. rip. So, as you would imagine, most of the people in my set turned around and all started asking “was that a picture?”“did you just take a picture?”“iPhone camera noise haha”“Why did you take a picture?” “what are you doing?”. And since I’m not friends with everyone in my set – it wasn’t the best of times. Surprisingly though, my teacher didn’t notice and we all moved on with our lives shortly after that. And yes – I did keep the ridiculously unnecessary picture. Just know that in this moment, there was an extremely loud camera sound that killed my self confidence. Here you go children :


A good thing about my current mathsy life, is that next week I’ll be in the next set – since I moved up the day I’m writing this (: Well – that does mean more work though… Hmmm…

Also – I completely messed up my Biology test. Why ? Because I talked about Diffusion instead of Respiration for every – every single question. So – that was absolutely horrible. At least everything I said was correct, it just didn’t really answer the questions. Next week, we’ve got a test that includes diffusion, so I’m like yeeeeehhh I ggooottt thiissss. Confidence is the absolute key to wonderland. To finish up this blogpost, I’ll talk about a very Christmas related incident. Basically, my form teacher got our form an advent calendar, and each day someone else gets to eat the small chocolate – all the way up until the end of term. And then around the 4th of 5th day – SOMEONE FREKKIN STOLE THE CALENDER. LITERALLY SNATCHED IT AND PROBABLY TOOK IT HOME. Matthew clearly brings bad luck. I mean thats the obvious reason. 😂😂. So then, yesterday, our form teacher got another one and is now hiding it somewhere in her desk so that NO ONE WILL TAKE IT AGAIN. HAHAAAAA.

xxx enter December

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