The SHS Christmas Fair

<< LONG POST AHEAD>> Yesterday was an amazing ! Carol (you know her by now – and I went to our old school (she was in year 6 there, I was in year 8 there) from 5 months ago to go to the Christmas Fair. Welll… Technically we didn’t actually attend the fair, and just sneaked around the school trying to find anything new…. BUUUUT it was fun either way (:ย 

Let’s start from the beginning though. Literally the evening before Carol messaged me asking when we should meet up again, since our schools are different and its quite hard to find times we can arrange something. We agreed that we should go to the fair that SHS (our old school) was hosting – and that I would be at her house at around 9.30. Yeah that didn’t happen since it was a Saturday morning. But I did eventually get there at around 10:30 am (impressive I know) and we just sat around in her room for about 1.5 hours. We talked about who we thought was going to be there, who we didn’t actually want to see that bad (G.T) and that we needed to go to Starbucks.

And yes we did go to Starbucks at 11:40am as you would have guessed. Carol got her usualย Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade, (wow) and a cookie; and I just got some hot chocolate because it is winter alright. From there we started walking towards the school which wasn’t far away, and on the way we talked about quite a few things – for example – we discussed how impressive it is that we actually still get along even if we only talk about 3 times a month on average now. I find us to be rather skilled actually ๐Ÿ˜‚. I think its just because our personalities are so similar and so it doesn’t really matter if we don’t see each other every day in school or if its only once a month (:

MOVING ON FROM THE EMOTIONS. Wait no the emotions will continue throughout the post never mind. We approached the school building – which was TIIIINNYYYYYYY compared to our schools now. I mean mine is a great victorian building with 5 other modern buildings next to it. This one was just… minuscule. And so we came into the entrance where the reception is, and immediately we realise : “This is gonna be weird isn’t it…”. And boiiiii were we correct in thinking that. The first things we did were look around on the boards in reception – at the teachers, and also all of the events’ pictures. (there were even some where we were still in) There was this girl in the hallway who we obviously recognised because we’ve got decent memory, but because she was so young she just stared us both in the face – knowing she recognised us from somewhere – and then just looked away. It was quite funny that moment.

We progressed further, and came by this door where this parent that obviously doesn’t know who we are was sitting, and asking if we were interested in buying raffle tickets. We said we would maybe do it later. (we didn’t oops) We saw the head mistress at that point for and talked for literally 15 seconds before she ran off – so that was great I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‚.ย Then there were two classrooms – actually one was now the lunchroom which blew my mind but anyways they were both classrooms. In them were many of those Christmas stands with like jewellery, and handmade decor and whatever, and at one of them was the receptionist that joined the school in our second year there. SOMEONE THAT KNEW US ! We began talking about our new schools (as you do with any teacher that you haven’t seen in a while) and E V E R Y B O D Y else in that room was like : “Who the heck are these two random people that everybody is saying hi to?”. It was hilarious. In the second room (the lunch one) there were only people that didn’t know who we were – and I swear we passed that room about 10-15 times, and it was sooooooo awkward; because they don’t know why we’re here, but still everyone else is coming up to us. Their heads must have been crumbling.

That room led to the small playground attached to the other small playground where the fair was always held. The first thing I noticed is that it looked SOOO much better than the 2 we had attended the past two years. Like huh ? Have you hired an interior designer now ? Anyways, we sort of looked around and talked to some people and teachers we knew, as well as two girls called Lucia and Matilda that were now in year 3 and that we knew from last year. I can imagine it was very strange for them that we just sort of barged into their school that we don’t attend anymore. We didn’t stay at the actual fair for very long though, as we went to as the receptionist that was sitting at the stands (from the last paragraph) if we could just go walk through the school. She told us that “There’s no reason why you couldn’t” AND SO we set off on our journey.

If I remember it correctly, the first room we went to was the old lunch room which was now a year 2 classroom. It was very strange, because it was all nice and decorated – and 5 months ago it was this dull place where we had silences and got debits (like signatures) if we talked or stood up without asking. We took the exact same picture as we did whilst attending last year’s Christmas fair, and its actually quite strange because – the background it obviously changed – but we look quite different as well compared to a year ago.


Then we went on the new drama and ICT room. I say new because last year, those were both year 2 classrooms that we only went in to ask for blue-tack. They usually didn’t have any either. The new drama room looked really nice, especially the decor. It was this 3D popcorn thing with pieces flying out of it. And then there were also huge mirror covering the walls, which I was kind of confused by because those are normally for dance classes. AND THEN, there was this picture wall with pictures of movie and musical posters, as well as actors from the West End, and also…. pictures of our friends including Carol and I, performing as lead characters in our plays. We thought that that was pretty cool. The ICT room was kind of boringly the same as it was when on the floor below, because they’re just computers I mean who cares.

The second floor was where there was a year 3 classroom, as well as a sort of ‘learning help’ classroom on one end of the hallway. None of those had changed so we didn’t really pay attention to those. In the hallway, there were still drawings and paintings and pictures of mine up on the walls – which I honestly wasn’t THAT surprised by because everybody did rrreaallyy like them last year – but I just thought that it was nice to see in the moment.


Then we arrived at Carol’s old classroom. The year 6 form room. Although it had only been five months, she – as well as me found it so weird to be in that room again. Especially her, because she had only ever had that as her form room for the 2 years she was in that school. That was the first classroom that we wrote “Hello, from Emma and Carol” on the board. Hey we got permission to be there so why not write on the boards right ? However, those decors hadn’t changed either so we moved on to the last two floors on the 3rd floor. We passed the French and Humanities room, which was a very confusing one because there was virtually no humanities posters or information on any walls. Next to it, was another classroom that DID have humanities information but wasn’t called that.

This is how I interpreted it : the ‘French and Humanities’ room wasn’t there for people to learn in. No, it was there as an earthquake simulation room. How do I know that that is true ? Because the desks were placed in such a disturbing manner that even the most disrespectful students wouldn’t be able to move them in that way. Solution : Geography lesson earthquake simulation. I really did have good memories from that classroom though, because I was thought humanities there by my favourite teacher of all time : Miss Camilla. I absolutely loved her as a teacher ! She was incredibly hilarious, thought well, but stuck to discipline and rules at the same exact time ! Her deskchair, which was the infamous ‘duck tape as arm rests’ chair, was also still present. Then of course you had the year 5 classroom where you actually did learn humanities. And also maths. And English. Aaaand probably other things too. On that class’ board, I did some Algebra instead of writing my name. I wrote :

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 00.44.28.png

I know I’m literally Einstein hihi.

But after that…. It was time to move on to the most important room in the whole school… THE ART ROOOOMMMM. Love love love love. Also knows as my crib, my abode, my dwelling place to hide from society you know. It was – and still is my favourite room basically. We stayed there for at least an hour before going anywhere else. I was in awe almost the whole time because I was in that room SO MUCH during the course of year 8, that going back there honesty felt very natural and as if I was there the day before too. The whole layout of the classroom had changed. The desks were positioned differently, there were way more cabinets and cupboards which made the room a tinie tiny bit cleaner. (it’s honestly famously known around the SHS community as the room that can not and will never be organised) Some of the things we did whilst hanging around there was admiring all of our work that was still up there, (omg wait literally interruption I just remembered, today I found out that I had left my wig for last year’s school musical in that classroom as it was my form room, and I DIDN’T TAKE IT WITH ME TODAY AAAHH. It’s probably going to be there forever then. It’s the bright orange Madhatter wig as well like ๐Ÿ˜‚) and also just taking pictures and filming random videos of us giving tours and stuff. In this room I did write my name on both boards that were available to write on. Also, I’ve been drawing quite a lot of facial feature things lately, and so I decided to draw a face and just leave it on my {old} art & form teacher’s desk because why not. Ahhh I still can’t get over us going back there ๐Ÿ˜


For that ‘touring video’ we actually also went around other classrooms as well. One of those being the science lab – which I remember soooo well. I sat at the front, it was always way way too warm because the fan wasn’t working well, and the desks weren’t stable at all. aahhhh memories. My animal cell model was still there on the shelf, but without the legend, so there were just random numbers pinned on it without any clue what they are. On one of the cabinets we found this collection of cardboard guitars, which I still don’t understand the reasoning behind them being in a science lab – but hey do your own thing SHS. There were a lot of moments when we like flinched at the slightest of thumps in the hallways, and though that “we were going to get caught” – but like – we had permission so I don’t really know we were worrying that much ๐Ÿ˜‚. We also went around the 3rd floor for the touring thingie, because why not, and thats when we discovered that those poor poor children still have to work in bond books. If you don’t live in England and don’t know what they are – they’re basically the manuals into making you hate maths forever – all squished into one exercise book. I hate those books with a passion I swear. Now, by this time we had been upstairs away from all forms of civilisation for about 1.5 hours, so we agreed it would be nice to just go back down to the fair. We literally stayed for 5 seconds to say hi to people and then went straight back inside. We wanted to see what the ICT room had turned into, and apparently its the library now. I realise – if you don’t actually know the school – you’d think “How can a whole library be moved into what was an ICT room previously ?”. Trust me… it can.

We looked around to see if last year’s year 6 novel that they wrote was there, and it wasn’t which was very disappointing, but we also found this worry box. Basically, last year in school council meetings, we discussed this idea of there being a ‘worry box’, where children could go put their problems if they didn’t want to actually say them out loud. Remember – it was a primary and prep school, so that was a decent idea. BUT they never went through with it until this year apparently. Obviously we were curious as to how it was doing – so we basically broke into the box and took out one of the pieces of paper. Actually Carol did that I’m innocent don’t come for me. When reading it… We were bursting laughing. Because, it talked about a teacher that we both loved in a very questionable way. It said :

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 00.44.28.png

I am worried about Miss Natasha being our class assistant” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ย That sentence honestly doesn’t even make sense on its on, but you get what that child means and its soooo saddd ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Carol and I literally adore Miss Natasha and so I’m not sure what’s going on in this child’s lessons but uhh its surely not normal.

My brother, his friend Andreas and my sister had also arrived at that point, and they were now also roaming around the school with a current student that we knew from last year called Maxim. After a few minutes of madness, we kind of ignored them and decided we would go on a type of spying mission between the first and ground floor. Basically, try to come as close to the entrance hallway without anybody noticing us. It actually went quite well, until we completely revealed ourselves by continuously shouting “LORENZO !” “LORENZO !”. That’s because I recognised the top of the head of this hilarious guy called Lorenzo who was in my form last year. I have absolutely no clue how I recognised him by the top of his head… but I did and it was the right decision to reveal ourselves from our hiding spot. He was quite surprised as to why we were coming from upstairs randomly, but we basically told him to join us and roam around the upper floors, and he agreed so yeah.

He hadn’t been in the school for five months just like me, and so we went straight to the new drama and ICT room to show how different everything was. In the drama room, he took pictures of the pictures he was in on that wall ๐Ÿ˜‚, and then in the ICT room – where most of the computers were literally still on – he just decided to go on and do some coding. Because why wouldn’t you log onto the Scratch program on a computer that belongs to a school you don’t attend but are just wandering around in. I don’t see a reason against it. Afterwards the whole crew united back in the art room, and it was a meeeesssssssss.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 00.44.28.png

The guys were ripping apart debit cards, (like individual offences cards) throwing them around, doing martial arts on the tables, saying ancient things like ‘UH MLG 360 BROOO“. Who even has that in their brains anymore ? But yes, it was very chaotic and I honestly debated on just leaving the room to peace, but it was just too hilarious and so I had to film it all ๐Ÿ˜‚. Eventually though I got sick of it and Carol and I went downstairs. We agreed that we would only return once all the guys were gone, and luckily they did pretty soon afterwards. (small fact – I hadn’t eaten since the last evening, and it was now 2:40pm – I don’t know how I survived that longย wow) The next 20 minutes were a bit of a haze. We went up and down multiple times, always passing that same room filled with parents and teachers that are still questioning who we are and why everyone knows us and they don’t, and eventually stopped to talk to my old art teacher who had arrived at that point. To be honest – the conversation was sort of awkward. I mean, you would expect that right ? We hadn’t seen each other in such a long time, and its not like we had anything else to talk about than : “So – how’s your new school ?” “Oh its great yeah, busy!”. Literally just that. So sadly that conversation ended fairly quickly and so we just left the area. We went back up for like 5 more minutes but then we just had enough and we were ready to exit the school. Which again was very strange because I always went that exact way from the art room to the front door every single school day of the year, and now I wasn’t actually at the school anymore.

In the hallway there was once again this group of small children that stared us in the face for like 20 seconds trying to figure out where they recognised us from (: It was so adorable.

Once we were outside, we had to go our separate ways, because Carol had a family thing and I had to go raid the shops for Christmas presents. But as I said at the start of this post – it was such a fun day. And C and I are already planning on going back at the start of January (: Btw, here is a collection of some of the videos we filmed : (from Instagram story)



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