The Disney Pixar Tag

YES, you might be thinking, why on earth would I write about something like Pixar ? Well, remember that I’ve also written about Harry Potter, Mint Brownies and breaking into rooms of my old school all on the same blog – SOOOO we’ve pretty much established that anything can be done on here.

I’ve done a Harry Potter Tag before, where I was inspired by other blogs to generate the questions, and this time, it went the same way. I was roaming around Google and saw multiple people do this as well, and since I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pixar, (you’ll see in future posts) I thought I’d like it too. I wasn’t actually tagged by anyone to do this, but hey NOTHING’S STOPPING MOI.

Something you should know about my tags if you haven’t them or read my blog in general yet, this isn’t just going to be a question & short answer type thing. I actually put so much reasoning behind my answers because, I think it’s quite boring if you just have 1 word answers. It’s like : “What’s your favourite Pixar movie ?” – “Brave” – “Ok cool moving on”. I don’t know it just seems such a waste of time to read. SO – Get ready for my overly thought-through explanations (:

Which character do you love the most?

I really really like disgust from Inside Out. There’s a lot about her, well, emotion that I enjoy watching. Characters like her are never really shown in the Pixar universe, so I found this to be quite a refreshing thing to see. I think there’s something very relatable about Disgust as well, especially for me because in my head – the things she says in the movie are literally my quotes of life.

I think that the the voice actor – Mindy Kaling – made everything sound so incredibly hilarious though her tone and expression.

A few of my favourite quotes from her are :

  • “Wanna know a lame activity ? Going on a 28 hour road trip in a tiny car.”
  • “Ugh, I better not sweat !”
  • “When I’m through, Riley will look so good all the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf”
  • “Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you’re welcome”

Something that I would say is that, I really loved Merida in Brave as well – but I don’t remember the plot as well as I do for inside out. Therefore I can’t exactly remember the way Merida talks and acts. I’m sure she’s my 2nd favourite though.


Which character do you like the least?

I don’t have a particular character in mind, but just anything Cars related. I DESPISE of the Cars movies. Ugh I really don’t like them. I think it’s just my disinterest in real life cars combined with the weird way they portray their emotions and. thoughts and what not. It’s overall strange. Also, if you think about the Pixar Cinematic universe as a whole, (Pixar Theory – every movie takes place on one giant timeline – will talk about it in the future) then Cars just seems to fit in the least.

Relating to that, I think me as a living human just doesn’t care about what happens in the life of a red racing car. I really don’t care at all.


Which character do you relate to most?

I would say Violet, from The Incredibles, or Joy from Inside Out. The main reason why I relate to Violet is because, well, she’s 14 years old in the movie (I’m 14 btw) and so I can relate with all of her teenage moods and reasons to get annoyed. Because, she gets annoyed quite a bit in the movie. Now, I think I relate to Joy because my main emotion is also happiness. As a teenager, shocking I know. It’s basically impossible for me to hate anyone.

->> omg I literally had no idea of her age until I researched it just now, but I did sort of have the feeling we were the same age – and I WAS RIGHT ! I’m amazing at guessing.

Which sidekick do you wish you had?

Maybe he isn’t that much of a sidekick as he is an important character, but Dug from Up is my favourite. My grandmother has this dog called Lola, and I’m pretty sure she’s soulmates with this animated dog. I would love to have an animal such as Dug as a sidekick, because they’re very loyal, they’re frekkin adorable, and you are basically restrained from ever being sad.

I think that, if you were to have adventures and everything like the characters in Pixar movies have, a dog’s senses would be very very useful. They’re known to be very devoted to whatever task their owner gives them, they are even known to detect health issues, and of course their smell and hearing is superior to those of humans – which is good if you were to be a Pixar character that has missions and stuff.


Which villain do you like the most?

Syndrome from The Incredibles. I think that I’ll leave all of the detailed explaining up to this video by the SuperCarlinBrothers that I’ve watched many times before, but my main reason is that he became this very strong and ->> almost <<- un-defeatable villain, by himself. He literally started off being a small boy with make shift flying shoes in a city, being a fan of Mr. Incredible that was 100 times better than him, and then a couple years later – HE HAS A TECHNOLOGY INFESTED ISLAND WITH FLYING DRONES, SOLDIERS AND GUARDS, A WEAPON VOLCANO, MOVING LAVA WALLS, AN ASSISTANT AND MORE.

And then you’ve got Mr. Incredible that’s still in his mediocre house and being fired left and right.

Where would you want to live?

The whole Monsters University city does look pretty cool. And yes, it’s probably heavily based on an American neighbourhood, but everything just looks so much more colourful and perfect because it’s animated.

Apparently its largely based on the University of California at the Berkeley campus, because the Pixar team found it to be close to their Headquarters. But they also took quite a lot of inspiration from places like Stanford and Harvard – which I would agree with more.


What movie is least aesthetically pleasing ?

TOY STORY 1 – TOY STORY 1 – TOY STORY 1. OMG TOY STORY 1. That’s probably because it was made in 1995-6, and the whole animation thing was started by them with this movies, but still. I think it’s normal that a person who was born in 2003 and has only seen well produced and drawn animation movies finds this one a bit hard to withstand. I mean, LOOK AT SID’s face in the picture below. That is just awful. Also, I don’t know if the systems back then didn’t work smoothly enough to allow this, but all of the people (and humain toys) in this movie just move so creepy and robot-like, especially their head and facial movements.

Everything definitely improved by 500% in the following Toy Story movies.


Hannah's doll.gif
just look at how creepy that girl (Hannah) is. that is nightmare material. she should be casted for an upcoming Annabel sequel or something

Which movie is most aesthetically pleasing ?

COCOOOOO. You’ll see that I’ll talk more about this movie further down this post, but just all the glowing petals and colour schemes and clothing and everything about this movie makes people want to go and see it – even if you weren’t interested in the plot at all.

Upon first seeing the trailer for this movie, that is honestly the thoughts I had – I just want to go see this movie because of how nice it looks (and because it’s a Disney Pixar movie and Disney Pixar movies are usually really good so)


Which outfit do you wish you owned?

Merida’s blue dress in Brave. Anyone that knows me knows that I love historic things, and that I love to wear these sort of costumes and outfits that are a bit drapy and unusual. What I mean by that is, I’ve worn the MadHatter outfit, as well as a male detective jacket and attire, and a pirate’s outfit and just general layered and interesting costumes.

I really like the clothing people wore back in these periods of history – this one being the 10th century. I don’t know how accurate the movie represents this of course, but I absolutely love all the colours and embroidery and puffy sleeves and AAHHH I want it.


Which two characters would you imagine being best friends ? (from different movies)

I think Sid from Toy Story, and Syndrome from The Incredibles would get along perfectly. I suppose their ages aren’t too far apart, and they both share this weird sinister side of them. That is probably one of the main things that makes them relate that much, their character.

It’s been shown in the Toy Story movies that Sid is quite good with technical things, as he can break apart and assemble together new toys, and make them function properly. Because of this, I think he would find it very interesting to learn about the technology Syndrome deals with – plus, Syndrome literally also assembles machines. I mean there are so many things these two have in common that no one notices !

Which two characters do you think would hate each other?

Easy. Dory from Finding Nemo and Anger from Inside Out. I do think that it would only be a one sided hate situation, because I think Dory is too dumb to know how to hate someone, but yes Anger would definitely despise of Dory.

The main topic of argument for Anger would be Dory’s memory problem, and how she asks way too many questions. I personally already get annoyed when people do that to me, so just imagine a character where the emotion ‘anger’ is literally all there is.

What scene/story makes you cry?

Listen up, the only movie that’s ever made me shed a tear was A Dog’s Purpose (it’s the ending where the owner recognises it’s his dog that died a long time ago). Apart from that, I haven’t really cried at all whilst watching movies. I don’t know I might just not have a soul but yeah. For me, I think it would be especially hard for an animated movie to seem sad, because you get that extra layer of – this isn’t reality – these characters are not actually alive and feeling that emotion right now, because it is animated. If it were to be a live-action movie, the emotions and story might affect me more.

Every Pixar fan out there is probably hating me right now because of that whole situation in Up, where Ellie dies and Carl is left alone – and yes, that was quite sad – but it happens ALL THE TIME in real life as well. Like all the time. It’s just that Carl and Ellie were shown to have such a long lasting and perfect relationship that made Ellie’s death so dramatic. And it’t not because I found it sad that it necessarily made me cry. (damn people are hating me this very second)

From A Dog’s Purpose (ending scene)

What scene/story makes you cheer?

The ending of Coco, and all the puzzle pieces that get put together from throughout the movie, make it amazing. I’m not going to spoil anything, but just imagine a movie where there are so many assumptions you make, but also questions you have that don’t make any sense – and they then get explained by this one detailed you missed or whatever. That’s what happens in Coco.

I think that there is one giant assumption that the creators of the film want you to make, and to be honest I did too, but then it’s completely wrong. The true story of Coco is better than what everyone thought initially though. If you haven’t seen it this makes absolutely no sense woaw.


What scene/story makes you cringe most?

Anything Cars.

Which story do you wish was your life?

THE INCREDIBLESSSS. I think all of us would love to have a superhero and have wished to have one at some point, so if the Incredibles story was your life – that would be incredible ! (hehe – I’m not funny woaw)

Not to say that my life is incredibly boring, but to have adventures and missions like this family do would be really cool to experience. Also – we obviously know that none of the family members die or anything, which would also be really nice for me because I don’t really fancy dying or anything close.

Something else that seems quite cool is that, there is no firm rule that you CANNOT USE YOUR POWERS AT HOME, like in Harry Potter. So, it would be really cool to like secretly use them in school and like secretly do things in the shadows and everything.


Which movie do you love most?

Now that I’ve seen it recently, definitely Coco. There are multiple reasons why I chose this movie :

  • It’s colour and general appearance on screen
  • The ending and the amazing plot twist that no one would think of
  • The way the creators make you have strong assumptions of what’s going to happen, and they then turn out to be completely wrong
  • The blending of the land of the living and the land of the dead
  • The way they portray that ↑, by using a bridge that you need tickets for
  • It’s correlations to the actual real world and it’s traditions (unlike many Pixar movies)
  • The music in the movie
  • The detail they put into the land of the dead, their city etc.
  • The whole deal with the putting up of pictures and being remembered to stay alive in the land of the dead (won’t make sense if you haven’t seen it)


Which movie do you dislike most ?

Ratatouille. When I initially watched this, I was already not a fan. I’m not sure what my reasoning then was, but right now, I don’t like it because of the storyline as a whole. Also, the characters in the movie are really not my favourite. For example, the Linguini guy. UUUHHHH he’s so awkward and weird and his face and the way he behaves and moves and talks and uuhhhh hate him.

If I’d have to pick a character that was decent, it would be Anton Ego, the food critic, just because I’ve watched a couple of  YouTube videos about him that explain his background and give you reasons to like him more. (click here for video)

And trust me, it’s not that I don’t like it because I dislike rats – all animals are cute and I’ve thought of owning rats multiple times in the past (:


Are you excited about any upcoming Pixar movies ?

From the ones they have announced to be released in upcoming years, not really no. The ones that have been announced are The Incredibles 2 in 2018 and Toy Story 4 in 2019. Nothing original or anything. And it’s not like their prequels have been my favourite movies either.

What I am excited about, however, is all the Youtube videos that will be made about them. With that I mean, all the theories, movie reviews, etc. that the SuperCarlinBrothers make for every Pixar movie.

Right now, the movies that I’m excited about are all live-action ones. Such as Jumanji with The Rock Johnson, Fantastic Beasts 2,  Avengers Infinity War, etc. Also, with live-action movies, I always get really excited because my favourite actor(s) will be in them. With animated movies, you can’t really have that at all – except if you find voice-overs interesting. OH OH – and general Disney movies are also exciting. Such as, Frozen 2 which will be released in 2019.


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