About Me

Hello ! I’m Emma and I moved from Belgium to England on July 2nd 2015. Since then a lot of things have happened that I want to write about. I’m 14 years old and love documenting memories through photography and writing. I’ve had many different blogs, and now here we are ! Also, on this blog you’ll meet quite a few people that you might not know. Well, let me show you some that I talk about way too much.

Here are my brother and sister – Maxime and Clara.

And then you’ve got the queen of all queens, Carol. aka the most photogenic person I think I’ve ever and will ever meet. She also has a blog that’s called carolkhorram.wordpress.com. Her posts are about her many travels, but also photography and fashion.

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Blogpost : Mustard and Pumpkins

Apart from that, I just think that you reading this blog, needs to know that this blog isn’t a place where I will keep to a schedule or write about a specific topic – but you can expect quite a lot of photography posts (:

I hope that you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, how cheesy that might sound, and I’ll see you in upcoming posts ! Byeee ♥