About Me

It’s meeeee Mariooooo. Well no actually uhh, great start, I meant HIII ! I’m Emma, a currently 14 year old human living in London that likes to babble on about random things such as movies, food and photography.

[great job that really captured people’s attention]

If you’re interested in knowing what types of topics I’ll cover on this blog, be prepared to be hit by a whole Encyclopaedia of ideas – since I don’t stick to just one topic like ‘Beauty’ or ‘Fashion’. Fact for you : That’s actually the topic I write about least.

When reading through some of my posts, you might notice that I carelessly throw some names at you that you might not be familiar with at all. Such as Carol, Indigo, Clara and Maxime. Well – Carol and Indigo are two of my best friends, (Carol even has a blog of her own -> click meee) and Clara and Maxime are my brother and sister. Just thought you should know.

Two of the most common things you’ll read about on here are movies and photography. I looooovveeee movies – main fact about me – and I’ve even got a list of my favourite actors on the home page. I do multiple tags and lists about movies I’ll never get tired of, or I rank all the Harry Potter movies, (that was a hard one) but if you enjoy films at all – you’ll like those. And then you’ve got photography. I got a camera in February of 2017 for achieving my Art Scholarship at my senior school, and since then I’ve taken it everywhere. I do photoshoots with all sorts of different people (including Carol and my siblings) but also bring in on holidays and such (:

And a last crucial thing about this blog is that – since I’m 14 years old – don’t expect me to upload every single day. Yes, I do try and enjoy uploading as much as I can, but hey, it’s not my full time job is it ? Although that would be pretty school. SCHOOL – EXPELLIARMUS


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