Boredom With San Pellegrino

Foreword : Firstly, if you haven’t read any of my other boredom posts, I’m here to tell you that this isn’t a serious blogpost at all. You’ll see spelling mistakes, ridiculous subjects and concepts, and some ridiculous sentence structure BUT those are intentional. When my sister and I make these posts, the reason is literally that we are bored and want to be ridiculous in some place or another. So – we write these posts.

On this occasion we were sitting in the car for 2 hours on the way to La Roche En Ardennes. Of course, long car rides will become boring after a while. I would say that the main thing we did was use snapchat for like an hour, but there will be quite a lot of stupid writing in this. And yes, we are older than 6.

I suggest that these ‘boredom’ posts are best read when you’re absolutely calm, because your mind will be so overwhelmed if you’re not (: Be prepared.  Continue reading “Boredom With San Pellegrino”

Boredom At St Pancras

Foreword : Whilst waiting for our train from London to Brussels, me and Clara (Maxime joining in later) decided to do another ‘boredom’ post, since that was the only thing available to do apart from playing with a toddler sized wooden train playground. Which we also did at the start.

Oh and btw, I’m pretty sure that this Boredom post will be quite a bit stranger than the other ones. So beware. AND the lego stuff in here is all inspired by this lego figurine we bought at the train station, that was in a space costume. That was all you needed to know. (all spelling mistakes are also on purpose – we can spell alright) Continue reading “Boredom At St Pancras”

Boredom At PizzaExpress

Foreword : Clara and I got very bored whilst dining at a Pizza Express in London. Our thought process went like this : “so, why don’t we write a random story that we completely improvise ?”. So that is what we did.
Afterwards we did multiple other things like a typing competition and a dabbing photo album . This blogpost shows the result : Enjoy.  Continue reading “Boredom At PizzaExpress”