Emily – A short creative writing piece I wrote

It was my sixth year in Ravenclaw, Hogwards Academy. Everything was exactly the same, positively; the cracky bread brown boats that brought us to the castle – the tall, dull door that led us and the first years into the hallway filled with thousands of students and ghosts. The ghosts of Hogwards Academy each died in the most awful way possible. It is even sad thinking about it.

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Paranormal Investigations

I wanted to make this blog post for a very long time, as I’ve been very interested in the Paranormal, and Paranormal Investigations for AGES.

Question : What happens to us after we pass ?

I personally don’t know which category I stand in, a sceptic, a believer, I just have this thing about my brain that I only believe in the paranormal when evidence is being showed to me. That’s why I adore programs like Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge and Ghost Hunters. (Ghost Adventures being my favourite). But I just have never experienced anything paranormal myself, therefore I don’t get scared after watching one of their investigations. (:

Anyways, I wanted to talk about investigations like those, as they are SOOO interesting to watch, they really are. I just find it fascinating to look at the equipment, learn about the haunting history of the locations the teams go to, and just to watch all of these unexplainable actions taking place !  Continue reading “Paranormal Investigations”