Couple’A Days Back Home

Couple’A Days Back Home

This half term, we went to visit Belgium for a couple of days – mainly because its was my grandmother’s birthday. We stayed fewer days that for previous half terms, which isn’t too fun, but it is a pro if you want to blog about it. Not too complicated to put together. We went to two locations – as always. La-Roche-En-Ardennes for 3 days, and Farciennes for one. Continue reading “Couple’A Days Back Home”

Some At-Home Things To Do For Halloween

Some At-Home Things To Do For Halloween

It is Halloween in a couple of days, and I have been trying to plan and organise all sorts of Halloween-themed things with my friends. Now – I am 14yrs old and live in the middle of London. The only real ‘Halloween things’ in London happen late in the night and guess what. SCHOOOOL YAAAYY. So – I had to find some at-home things to do. And I thought that I would write it down and share so that other people that are younger or need some last minute ideas can benefit from this too.

I haven’t actually celebrated Halloween for that long, maybe 2 or 3 years, but I’m gradually trying to put more effort into it because there are really some fun things about the Holiday ! For example, its my cat’s birthday on Halloween (: She has black fur as well its pretty cool (:

The positive thing is that I’ve already planned a Halloween sleepover and am currently waiting for the California Roll to tell me if she has any free time to meet up. So I’m not – not doing anything for Halloween (: Continue reading “Some At-Home Things To Do For Halloween”

A Familiar Mountain

A Familiar Mountain

Every time we come to La Roche En Ardennes (Belgium), we always go on hikes on the same mountain, to the point where we have names for the different routes we take. E.g, the ‘sheep path’. So – this time – we went again. There’s also a really big forest at the peak, and because it is the middle of autumn, we obviously had to go and take a look.

I took quite a lot of pictures, and I’m going to put most of them in this post. The others will be put on a ‘travel diary’ type post coming up in a few days. Hope you like the photos (:

Continue reading “A Familiar Mountain”

Boredom With San Pellegrino

Foreword : Firstly, if you haven’t read any of my other boredom posts, I’m here to tell you that this isn’t a serious blogpost at all. You’ll see spelling mistakes, ridiculous subjects and concepts, and some ridiculous sentence structure BUT those are intentional. When my sister and I make these posts, the reason is literally that we are bored and want to be ridiculous in some place or another. So – we write these posts.

On this occasion we were sitting in the car for 2 hours on the way to La Roche En Ardennes. Of course, long car rides will become boring after a while. I would say that the main thing we did was use snapchat for like an hour, but there will be quite a lot of stupid writing in this. And yes, we are older than 6.

I suggest that these ‘boredom’ posts are best read when you’re absolutely calm, because your mind will be so overwhelmed if you’re not (: Be prepared.  Continue reading “Boredom With San Pellegrino”

The Harry Potter Tag

The Harry Potter Tag

I’ve been reading a couple of these lately, the latest being on, and I thought that (even though I’m not tagged to do this) I would do one as well. Recently I’ve also started re-watching the whole series, (I’m currently in the middle of the 2nd film) and therefore I’ve reminded myself how much I love the Harry Potter universe ! I mean I even have a custom made cloak and uniform. I think that that says enough.

There are a number of set questions that I’ll answer, but I thought that – because this isn’t the longest of tags – I would add some of my own questions or others that I find in random places on the internet. Continue reading “The Harry Potter Tag”

Updated Instagram Favourites

I did this same post a few months ago, (In February or March I think) and the way I explained my reasons was actually so vague. Don’t get me wrong, these won’t ‘way’ better, I’ll just try and uhm; describe more things. Yeah… So, today I’ll try and pick out around 5-10 accounts from the 193 I follow… Umm I’ll try at least ? I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick out a lot of accounts that are related to portrait photography – because that is something I really love to do myself.

One thing that I’ll keep the same as my previous version of this is that I won’t go as far as to do any type of ranking, I’ll just randomly write down ones I like (: Okay, I think that was enough explaining.  Continue reading “Updated Instagram Favourites”

A Guide Into Enjoying School

-> I wrote this kinda late in the evening, prepare to get absolutely lectured (:

Since moving into a new school, one thing that I’ve just kept on hearing and noticing is how much everyone doesn’t want to be there. That’s literally it. How “urgh, it sucks”, and how everyone “hates it so much”. That is literally the opposite of me and my closest friends. I just don’t understand how people don’t like being in an environment where you can

  • Learn new things by the hour
  • See all of your friends and meet new people
  • Join in in activities that you can’t out of school
  • Do exercise and not hate it – mostly (:
  • Have holidays to look forward to

And etc ! And well, I know that you can’t be like HEY YOU FROM TOMORROW YOU’RE GONNA LOVE SCHOOL ALRIGHT ? Therefore I’ve set up a list of things that I do, and that would help other people enjoy school more as well. Because hey, if you’re in my situation, you’re going to have to attend this thing called ‘school’ for at least 5 more years. So you better start using your time sooner or later. You can also see this as a type of survival guide if you’re desperate (:  Continue reading “A Guide Into Enjoying School”